Magic Lafayett

Top choreographers, along with talented ballerinas and dancers, stage cabaret shows in a glamorous setting, bathed in lights. Every presentation in the program is an interactive display in which the audience participates in the creation of magic.
Cabaret Lafayette is an enchanted program, full of music, enticing dance performances, vocal and instrumental soloists, as well as humorous and satirical sketches arranged by the program’s organizer. All of that – followed by an a la carte dinner and drink.
Art director of the Lafayette program, Milan Gromilic, says that he is pleased because art has had another chance to get close to the audience and that the cabaret program is a great challenge and an inspiration for him, and not just to him, but to the entire ensemble, where everyone can do their best to portray Belgrade as a true metropolis when it comes to night life.
The permanent ensemble consists of ballet players from the Terazije theater and National theater, with Ivan Zekic as the lead actor, Bojana Simeon singer and actress, Filip Pat instrumentalist, Marija Nesic and Mirjana Matic opera singers, Aleksa Jelic singer and artist, Danijel Kajmakoski singer, Sanja Obradinovic and Latina Adnad Acrobats…
Our night cabarets also feature guest artists such as Bane Tomasevic actor, Katarina Gojkovic actress, Kristina Savic actress, Vladan Savic actor, Zayna singers and others.

dj Muki _ lafayette

DJ-Dance avec moi

Like in modern fairytales, after midnight, Lafayette transforms from an ambient restaurant with cabaret system into a CLUB where guests leave their comfortable chairs and give themselves to the addictive rhythms of DJs, who are in control of a fantastic atmosphere. Lafayette cherishes dancing music, moving music with a mix of house and pop music, inspired by lighting effects, creating the atmosphere like in clubs around the world.
Special attention is paid to the music, and world-famous DJs have guest appearances along with the best domestic DJs. The distinction of opening Lafayette was given to the French artist DJ Muki /Cannes / Ibiza /London who was the guest of LAFAYETTES’ GRAND OPENING on the December 12th/13th/14th.
Next world-famous star to play at Lafayette on the January 1st of 2020 was DJ SHANTEL, maestro of spectacular entertainment, a style focused on fantastic traditional music fused with electro rhythms.

DRESS CODE: Elegant & chic

glumci pevaju

Actors sing

Special New Year’s cabaret “Actors sing” is performed by fantastic vocal and acting  quartet: Bane Tomasevic (the star of National Theatre and Misa Zvornik in TV show “Ubice mog oca”), Katarina Gojkovic ( the star of Yugoslavia Drama Theater, a great vocalist, daughter of Cune Gojkovic, PGP just released her music album). Bane and Katarina are actor couple in musical “Ljubav i Moda”. Among them are performers Vladan Savic, the star of Terazije Theater and actor in theater shows “Cigani lete u nebo, Zona Zamfirova, Mama Mia, Viktor Viktorija and Grk Zorba”. He is an author of cabarets “Brak u stvari ljubav“ and “Kao da sam te sanjao“, which are performed in Serbia and abroad. Kristina Savić who is also with them, is a soloist of Terazije Theater, who plays in all the shows of this theatre from “Chicago “ and on, has a rich singing career, and, as a soloist, accompanies the vocal of Zdravko Colic.
New Year’s program consists of rock and pop tracks, evergreen and jazz ballads, chansons, musical tracks, all the way to popular foreign performers. It also has parts of cabaret in which Kristina and Vladan Savić perform together. It is a collage of humorous take on husband and wife relations inside and outside of the marriage, intertwined with many live songs. Among them are the songs of the most significant domestic and foreign singers: Bisera Veletanlić, Đorđe Balašević, Bajaga, Riblja Čorba, Aleksandra Kovač, Toše Proevski, Zdravko Čolić, Arsen Dedić, Josipa Lisac, Adele, Christina Aguilera, Jack Brel, Lara Fabian, Frank Sinatra, Lisa Minelli, Michael Buble… Life is a cabaret!

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